Bicycle themed Friday Feel Mix!
Hope you enjoy.

:::Download FRIDAY FEEL 14:::

Peter & The Wolf – “The Bike of Jonas”
Ann Tiley & Rick Roberts – “Bicycling”
TV on the Radio – “Bicycles Are Red Hot”
Deerhoof – “Midnight Bicycle Mystery”
cLOUDDEAD – “Physics of a Bicycle”
Animal Collective – “Flesh Canoe”

5 responses to “FRIDAY FEEL 14

  1. bicycle, bicycle, bicycle, bicycle, bicycle, FLESH CANOE!

  2. porchofthemystics

    haha i know!
    but i love the lyric…
    “young red bird they’re just natural feelings like walking off to ride my bike”

  3. No Queen? :P

  4. porchofthemystics

    heather that would have just been too easy!
    i promise i thought about it. and i knew someone would make a comment! but honestly, i just didn’t get it off my harddrive. long week here in mississippi.


  5. Haha I suppose I can forgive you. :P

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