Sonmi returns to the Porch!

Julia Sonmi Heglund [previously mentioned] returns to the Porch with a thunder, stop & a clap clap. She’s not only cooked up a killer compilation but has totally outdone herself with the accompanying artwork!

Do yourself a favor…download and enjoy!

:::DOWNLOAD “Tiger in the Mine” by Julia Sonmi Heglund:::
1. The Low Lows – “Dear Flies, Love Spider”
2. Avey Tare – “I’m Your Eagle Kisser”
3. The Beach Boys – “Sail Plane Song”
4. Medicine – “A Short Happy Life”
5. Margo Guryan – “Sunday Morning”
6. The Space Lady – “Major Tom”
7. Silver Apples – “Misty Mountain”
8. Portishead – “The Rip”
9. Mahjongg – “Free Grooverider”
10. Gang Gang Dance – “Blue Nile”
11. Beach House – “Gila”
12. Mary Hopkin – “Lord of the Reedy River”
13. Primal Scream – “Inner Flight”
14. Ennio Morricone – “Ringo Rides Again”
15. Caribou – “Irene”
16. Echoes of Incas – “Aranjuez”
17. Kraftwerk – Elektrisches Roulette
18. Múm – Guilty Rocks

sonmi’s flickr

*I apologize most celery for all the link mishaps. the Amazing SONMI is hosting it herself!

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