Lands and Peoples


Lands & Peoples is a music project by Caleb Moore. Caleb is a mississippi boy who graduated from Ole Miss in Graphic Design and is now high stepping the promising art scene of Baltimore.

Check out his track “Isabella”

Here’s the moving story behind the track…
“The song Isabella is about my grandfather’s wife, who just died from breast cancer. He gave me her old spanish guitar as we were helping him clean out his house, and move on emotionally. It has her name still scribbled on the guitar label on the inside of the guitar. I was floored that he gave it to me, as I hardly knew her. The second I picked up the guitar these chords came to me, and I just continued with it and turned it into the song that it is now.

So, R.I.P. Isabella. and that’s what I shall call the guitar forever. ”

*original photograph found by caleb moore

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