Matthew Koons – “Sunshine Drips & Fallen Branches”

Matthew Koons is another Denton,TX friend of the Porch. He has incredible taste in music and an infinite personality. (This fella treated me to a fine time at SXSW 2006)

Matthew’s mix is a friendly blend of ethereal slow burners and straight forward tropical rhythms. Delight in the fine mixture of exotic melodies lapping on the shore to help transition from laughing summer days dripping with sunlight into the gentle coolness of the autumnal equinox. A veritable host of Koon’s most respected artists are stopping in to help you fold up the tank tops and pull out the sweaters and longjohns!

DOWNLOAD “Sunshine Drips & Fallen Branches”

Total running time: 42:35

Track listing:
1. Ennio Morricone – For A Few Dollars More theme
2. S.E. Rogie – Twist with the Morning Stars
3. Deerhunter – Dot Gain
4. Psychic Ills – Electric Life
4. T. Rex – Jeepster
6. Caetano Veloso – Badaue
7. Thistle – Hands of Smoke
8. Animal Collective – From A Beach
9. Alton Ellis – Ain’t That Lovin’ You
10. Fantastic Magic – Sea of Gold
11. High Places – Golden
12. Big Cherry – Come in Bonzo
13. Megapuss – Lavender Blimp
14. Ruby Suns – Ole Rinka


*original drawing by Matthew Koons, himself

One response to “Matthew Koons – “Sunshine Drips & Fallen Branches”

  1. yo, that artwork is muy impressivio-which means, for those of you who are ethnocentric, milky impressed. you gents make a tight tandem, can i see colab in the stars or is that an astronaut?

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