New Weird Mexico: Selma Oxor

Exploding out of Monterrey, Mexico with Technicolor blasts of punk rock cheerleader energy, Selma Oxor are the kind of musical mixing pot that only Latin America can pull off. Combining violent punk riffs, demented drum machine pounding, and hyperactive female vocals that masterfully straddle the silly/sexy divide, the three young women two young women and lone male of Selma Oxor have moved into the space between Sonic Youth and Spank Rock and made it their musical playground – a place where detuned, Spanish language Beyonce covers and neon odes to marijuana are par for the course.

Selma Oxor – “Let’s Burn”
Selma Oxor – “Abrazame Demonio”

3 responses to “New Weird Mexico: Selma Oxor

  1. yo brad, keep rockin’ it hard, this is what raunch should be about, not drip, drip, drippin’.

  2. I guess Selma Oxor´s Alexico finally had his sex operation, good for him…er..her…

  3. porchofthemystics

    Oh man, I’m a big dummy.

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