Kid Summer

Here is a fit collection of tracks i’ve been enjoying this summer…Hurry & snag it before the sunshine hides from your ears. Not sure what all these tracks have in common…Perhaps most were discovered from my SXSW experience and have since tickled my veins throughout the summer waves. 




01. Bodies of Water – “Under the Pines”
02. Paavorharju – “Kevatrumpu”
03. Lykke Li – “Dance Dance Dance”
04. {{{SUNSET}}} – ” whenperfectflamesexpire”
05. No Age – “Things I Did When I Was Dead”
06. Atlas Sound – “Canal”
07. White Denim – “Mess Your Hair Up”
08. King Khan & The Shrines – “Torture”
09. Fleet Foxes – “Mykonos”
10. Koushik – “Lying in the Sun”
11. Lau Nau – “Painovoimaa”

*Brad Barry has once again done a delight on the ends & beginnings of these tracks.

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