Set Yo! Pace (It Ain’t No Race)

An exercise mix by the Hooded Deer! If your cat hasn’t chewed up all your headphones stick a pair in your ears and hit the pavement. Or perhaps you prefer your pedals? Either way some hot jams will pump up your pace for an enjoyable seamless 28 minute heart shaping routine. I’m not talking meat head gladiator pump up, just something to get the blood flowing! I hope you enjoy. I’ve street tested this and its pretty fun for all ages.

Hieroglyphics – Classic
Muscles – Ice Cream
Alan Braxe – Addicted
Kid Cudi – Day ‘N’ Nite (Crookers Remix)
Ratatat – Mirando
Mystery Jets – Hideaway (Switch remix) (Diplo edit)
Justice – Waters of Nazareth

::::Download – “Set Yo! Pace (It Ain’t No Race)”::::

*This sick mix has been smoothed over on the ends by Brad Barry, and the transitions are spot on!

6 responses to “Set Yo! Pace (It Ain’t No Race)

  1. oooh, what good motivation to go running.

    (tomorrow, of course)

  2. I totally just downloaded it. Maybe this will make me want to put my sneakers on and go running?!?

  3. Brad Awesome job mixing… I can’t tell where one ends and the other begins!

  4. porchofthemystics

    thanks for all the comments!
    i sure hope it motivates…I tried out the mixed version today. and it was raaad!


  5. I commented you awhile back asking the name of a specific song. I’ve been looking for it and have yet to find it. “I don’t want your number, I just wanna dance with myself” was a lyric from it. If you know the name, PLEASEEE tell me! Thanks!

  6. porchofthemystics

    Sarah, I’m pretty certain its the second track of this mix…
    “Ice Cream” by Muscles

    However its, “I don’t need a number, I just want to dance with my shirt off”

    That’s all i can think of!

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