Happy Come Lucky Smilin’ on a Steamer

Paul Young

Very few things are as synomonous with the summer time as traveling.  This fact along with some inspiration led me to create the “Happy Come Lucky Smilin’ on a Steamer” mix.  I wasn’t going to say much about it, because I’d much rather it speak for itself.  But if you insist, it’s got Lee Hazlewood with a baritone more impressive than Johnny Cash, Viking Moses, who quivers and twists every poetic syllable, and Wooden Wand’s swaggering guitar solo that will have you strutting long after it’s over.  The first track is hyperlinked for your previewing pleasure, and be sure to check back often and peruse our new home.  I hope you enjoy it.

1. Vietnam – “Gabe” :: http://www.myspace.com/vietnamtheband

2. Relatively Clean Rivers – “Easy Ride”

3. Byrds – “Wasn’t Born to Follow”

4. Lee Hazlewood – “Run Boy Run”

5. Tom Brosseau – “I Tune My Guitar”

6. Viking Moses – “Crosses”

7. Vetiver – “Save Me a Place”

8. Brightblack – “New Mexico”

9. Wooden Wand – “Mother Midnight”

***Happy Come Lucky Smilin’ on a Steamer Mix***

Photo: Paul Young, Mixing: Brad Barry, Song selections and sequencing: Matthew Orr

3 responses to “Happy Come Lucky Smilin’ on a Steamer

  1. That’s a sick mix. Slang some MP3s up on this.

  2. Thank you for your interest Kenny. Did you get the mediafire link to work? All the Mp3s are in there. If you don’t get it to work I’d be happy to get them to you some other way. Have a good one.

  3. Ah ha – I’m on a firewall at work, so I couldn’t get it to open. I’ll crack it open at home.

    Wooden Wand owns – and he’ll play anywhere, anytime, which is always respectable.

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