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Te llevo para que me lleves

When Argentine pop becomes My Bloody Valentine.

Hold the Line

Sound Walk

I’ve been taking a lot of walks lately and I’ve always enjoyed field recordings, so I thought I’d share Soundwalk Editions with you.

“Soundwalk Editions features artists and composers who use environmental field recordings as a point of departure in their work. Drawing attention to the quality and experiential nature that can exist in the soundscapes of our environment, these works allow the viewer to have an intimate experience with the various compositional approaches practiced by each individual artist.  Through listening to these recordings we have the opportunity to become aware of the various dialects that can exist in the language of field recording compositions.”

Enjoy these soothing pieces and make sure to poke around the Walks section for audio tours of beautiful places all around the world.

World Music

This is the time of the year to finally read long articles on the Internet! I’ve got two interesting ones today.

Immigration Caseworker AA0089 Has Some Thoughts About What Is Art

First, a really alarming piece from the Wall Street Journal a couple of weeks ago about the U.S. visa program for touring foreign musicians. It boils down to government bureaucrats determining which artists are “culturally unique” enough to be allowed to play for us.

Nu World, Brave

Over at ethnomusicologist Wayne Marshal’s blog, there’s an interesting discussion going on about “nu world” music. He frames it as the combination of different types of music – electronic, cumbia, reggae, techno, hip hop, dubstep – from all over the world. All of these genres have been able to combine and mutate through the Internet, online mixtapes, and MP3 blogs. There are some interesting questions about authenticity and mediation that arise, which I think are important to think about.

I also feel like this idea can be applied to the new interest in (and breed of) psychedelic music. Today, we post just as easily about African highlife, The Zombies, New Age, Krautrocktropicália, and chopped and screwed music. And from that mixing pot we get White Rainbow, Pocahaunted, Toro y Moi, El Guincho, Sun Araw, and Ducktails. It’s a beautiful thing!

Uptown Top Ranking

I’m not dead – I promise! I’ve been backed up with school/finals, but now I’m done and I have a lot of neat stuff saved up to share with you. I’ve got music articles, videos, sounds, and other ephemera for days!

First off, this is the best song ever. It’s by Althea & Donna and it was a big hit in the U.K in 1978. Just try not to groove to it!

Popol Vuh – Improvisation

A breathtaking improvisation for your Monday morning. Beautifully shot in 1971 for German TV.

Twin Tones 05


Edition 5 of Twin Tones pairs the hazy sounds of Washed Out with 80’s one-hit wonders Kajagoogoo. After I heard “Olivia” on the new Washed Out tape, I spent about an hour of Googling variations of “shy shy 80’s song.” I finally found the video for “Too Shy” (which is sooo legit) and slapped the two tracks together. Here you go:

Washed Out – “Olivia” High Times [2009]
Kajagoogoo – “Too Shy” White Feathers [1982]

:: Click here to download Twin Tones #5 :::

Monsieur Cabinet on the Porch


The other day I came across a wonderful set of illustrations depicting awesome things. It turns out they’re done by Monsieur Cabinet, a dude named Dave from Leeds. We invited him to the Porch so he could tell us a little more about what he does. BONUS: he says stuff like “a bit shit” and “having a go!” Continue reading

Link Fiesta


I’ve been finding really wonderful blogs recently. Here are some real gems:

Awful Library Books
This blog collects the weirdest/most outdated/worst books from libraries around the world. I’m now on permanent lookout for a copy of Jewish Chess Masters on Stamps.

This is an amazing collection of obscuro releases, but unlike some other places on the Internet they delve into the history behind the recordings. They recently partnered with weird stuff powerhouse Ubu Web, so prepare for big things!

but does it float
Honestly, I have no idea what is going on at this blog most of the time, but it’s chock full of all kinds of amazing art. Hold your breath – dive in!

Tropical Spoon Guitar

This guy is has a permanent pass to the Porch!